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Rem 2500 Grain Vac

Capacity: The Bottom Line

The hard truth about pneumatics is that as you add hose length and distance from your suction source, capacity is reduced dramatically. The 2500 Grain Vac is the first model to use a new technology that increases suction capacity of the vac over longer distances. *6,000 bushels per hour during full bin load out with 7 to 10 feet (2.1 - 3.0 meters) of 8Ē steel flex hose.

The Rem 2500 achieves greater capacities than the 2100 at all distances from the bin. This advantage is maximized at 15-45 feet, where the 2100 delivers an average 20% higher volume in cleanup conditions. Your results may vary, particularly in cleanup, where speed depends on the operator.


Rem's design team believes in helping you get the best for your effort and horsepower. 70 hp on a 1000 PTO is all you need to operate at maximum capacity. Compare us!

Health and Safety

Your health and safety depends upon a safe work environment. The Rem Grain Vac gives you a dust free environment and eliminates dangerous open augers. All aspects of Grain Vac operation have been tested, inspected, and safety approved.

Seed Quality

Independent tests by grain elevator operators indicate that the Rem Grain Vac causes less damage to valuable seed than conventional vacuum systems where high speed airlocks are used. In addition, our unique drum and exhaust design separates grain from dust, thereby improving the quality of the material that you deliver.

Every grain handling application has unique requirements, and over 20 years of input from Grain Vac users has resulted in the many options now available from Rem. The 2500is available in Standard or Heavy-Duty models with Hydraulic or Spring-Assisted auger fold systems.

Top 5 Convenience Features on the 2500

1. Hour Meter/Tachometer: Lets you see hours, and PTO speed

2. Easy access clean out door: One pull of a handle lets the unit cleanout without reaching down to undo a latch

3. Engineered exhaust: quieter operation than the 2100 Grain VAC

4. Gearbox Guard: Hinged so that you donít need wrenches to access shear sprocket drive assembly

5. Telescoping Inlet Tube: Gets you closer to the bin


Minimal wear on parts has always been our strength. The simple, no-nonsense design of this machine naturally lends itself to low maintenance requirements. Years of experience have led to special formed liners for high-stress areas, and safe, easy access to service areas.

  • No expensive rotating air lock
  • No positive displacement pump
  • Efficient drive system
  • Tough powder coat finish

Rem Grain Vac Model 2500

The standard 2500 model is recommended for handling most cereal crops. For transferring corn, soybeans, other more abrasive seed, or for large volume and commercial applications, we suggest the heavy-duty model. In addition to all the standard features the heavy-duty includes a drum bush kit to keep the air drum clear during movement of very light or sticky grain, and extra heavy-duty flyting for increased longevity. All Rem products are powder coated for optimum finish durability.


For more info, as well as video, go to the Rem company website.  For a link, go to our INFO LINKS page, then click Rem to find out more.  Also see the Rem page in the new online catalog.



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Rem Grain Drops
Easily drive over belt or auger models


Self Contained Vac
No tractor needed.  Includes engine to run vac on a tandem trailer